Winter 2019

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❄️ Winter 2019



Requires Description Results Skill Max Unlocks
Wintertide One of: The winter is colder than ever, are new horrors have appeared with the chill. The gales from Thandhrun groan more loudly each day and bear investigation. Knowledge of fire should help you prepare.
The Path Opens ❄️Preparation upgrade The sacrifice made, a portion of the fog parts before you, like curtains hanging in the air. The faintest outlines of a path appear on the frozen ground.
Legend Tells ❄️Winter Village:
Stories (10%)
Of an icy wasteland on a plain of endless fog. An altar marks the way to the Tree of Winter, which grew when the first snows fell.
A Cold Legend ❄️Tower Of Nixifer:
Ebin's Notes (5%)
Tome of Winters Past (10%)
A tome tells of a forge without fire, a stronghold in the mountain passes, and an endless blizzard trapped within a globe. ❄️Winter Lore 2
Snow Double ❄️Tree Of Rites cleared A copy of yourself arises from the quickened snow. You feel its limbs like you feel your own arms. ❄️Workforce upgrade
❄️Donate Copy upgrade
❄️Cold Calculation upgrade



Max Mana(s) Effects Skill Exp Skill Max Hidden
❄️Snowdrop 5 Nature 0.1/s
❄️Emblem Of Ice 1 ❄️Ice 0.2/s
❄️Essence Of Winter 10,000
❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 100,000 Y
❄️Frost 80 Fire regen -1%/s
Water regen -1%/s
❄️Ice regen +1%/s
Hp regen -1%/s
❄️Livingsnow 20 Water 0.01/s ❄️Livingsnow -0.0001/s ❄️Cryomancy 0.1/s
❄️Snomunculus 5 ❄️Frost 1/s ❄️Cryomancy 0.5



Tags Unlock Max Space Cost Sell Effects
❄️Freezer ❄️Livingsnow 1 1 0 Water Gems 1
❄️Ice 5
Gold 1 ❄️Livingsnow: ❄️Livingsnow +0.0001/s
❄️Frost 1/s
Fire -0.2/s
❄️Hearth ❄️Frost 10 20 0 Fire Gems 1 Gold 1 ❄️Hearth: Fire Gems cost +1
❄️Frost -1/s
Fire 0.1/s
❄️Fazbit's Hearth ❄️Discarded Missives 1 0 Fire Gems 100
Flame Runes 25
Gold 1 ❄️Frost -100/s
Fire 0.5/s
Pyromancy max 5
❄️Icy Flame: dot duration +5



Requires Cost Train Cost Benefits
❄️Cryomancy ❄️Emblem Of Ice ❄️Livingsnow 10 Stamina 0.5/s ❄️Livingsnow max 2
❄️Snomunculus max 1
❄️Ice max 1
❄️Ice 0.1/s
❄️Frost 0.2/s
SP 0.1
❄️Winter Lore Legend Tells event Research 100 ❄️Livingsnow max 1
❄️Snomunculus max 0.35
Research max 5


Name School Requires Level Upgradeable Cast cost Purchase cost
❄️Field Of Heat Pyromancy Pyromancy 5 5 Y Fire 2 Fire Gems 4
Arcana 1
❄️Ice Shard ❄️Cryomancy ❄️Cryomancy 3 3 Y ❄️Ice 1 ❄️Frost -2/s
Water Gems 3
❄️Icy Flame ❄️Cryomancy ❄️Cryomancy 10
Pyromancy 10
❄️Dew Of Icy Fire
3 Y ❄️Ice 3
Fire 1
❄️Frost -2/s
❄️Frost Golem ❄️Cryomancy ❄️Snomunculus 1 5 ❄️Snomunculus 1 ❄️Frost -5/s



Requires Type Cost Consumption Time Benefit
❄️Warm Yourself ❄️Frost 10 Perpetual Rest Manas (all) 0.5/s
Fire 0.5/s
Stamina 0.5/s
Hp 0.75/s
❄️Frost -10/s
Stress -0.5/s
❄️Build Snomunculus ❄️Emblem Of Ice Perpetual ❄️Livingsnow 10
Souls 1
Stamina 0.5/s
Mana 1/s
10s ❄️Snomunculus 1
❄️Melt Snomunculus ❄️Emblem Of Ice Multi-Use ❄️Snomunculus 1
Fire 5
Instant Water Gems 2
Water 10
❄️Frost -10
❄️Nixifer's Study ❄️Tower Of Nixifer cleared Upgrade Arcana 5
Tomes 1
Research 2/s
❄️Ice 0.5/s
75s ❄️Cryomancy max 2
❄️Ice 0.1/s



Requires Max Cost Effects Locks
❄️Expanded Hearth ❄️Hearth 5
❄️Frost/s > 0
1 Fire Gems 10 ❄️Hearth: ❄️Frost -1/s
❄️Old Forms ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 50 1 Crafting max 1
magic gems max 20
Gems max 10
❄️Withered Designs ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 500 1 Crafting train rate +50/s
Anatomy max 2
❄️Cheerful Recording ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 1,500 1 Crafting train rate +50%
Spirit Lore max 2
❄️Alchemical Formula ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 5,000 1 Alchemy max 2
Potions max 2
❄️Battered Ledger ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 10,000 1 Concentration max 1
World Lore max 2
❄️Odd Spellchart ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 15,000 1 Summoning max 1
Conjuration max 2
❄️Transportation Sigils ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 25,000 1 Summoning max 1
Runic Lore max 2
❄️Letter of Request ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 40,000 1 World Lore train rate +100%
World Lore max 5
❄️Discarded Missives ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 60,000 1 Lore train rate +100%
World Lore max 5
❄️The Purpose ❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 100,000 1 Crafting max 5
World Lore max 5
minion allies max +25
❄️Winter's Boon ❄️Essence Of Winter 1 1 ❄️Livingsnow 10 Water Mastery max 1
❄️Cryomancy max 2
❄️Winter's Reward ❄️Essence Of Winter 10 1 ❄️Livingsnow 30
❄️Snomunculus 10
Water Mastery max 1
❄️Cryomancy 50/s
❄️Winter's Howl ❄️Essence Of Winter 100 1 ❄️Livingsnow 40
❄️Snomunculus 15
❄️Ice max 10
❄️Ice 2/s
❄️Winter's Chill ❄️Essence Of Winter 500 1 ❄️Livingsnow 50
❄️Snomunculus 20
Water Gems 75
Water Mastery max 1
❄️Cryomancy train rate +200%
❄️Winter's Breath ❄️Essence Of Winter 1,000 1 ❄️Livingsnow 60
❄️Snomunculus 25
Water Gems 100
Water Runes 20
❄️Cryomancy max 10
❄️Cryomancy train rate +200%
❄️Winter's Envoy ❄️Essence Of Winter 5,000 1 ❄️Livingsnow 80
❄️Snomunculus 30
Water Gems 150
Water Runes 25
❄️Ice Shard: dmg min +10
❄️Ice Shard: dmg max +15
❄️Ice Shard: ❄️Ice cost +6

❄️Icy Flame: dot dmg min +20
❄️Icy Flame: dot dmg max +30
❄️Icy Flame: ❄️Ice cost +6
❄️Icy Flame: Fire cost +2
❄️Master Of Winter ❄️Essence Of Winter 10,000 1 ❄️Livingsnow 100 Master Of Winter title
❄️Improve Ice Shard cast ❄️Ice Shard 10x 1 ❄️Ice 2
Research 100
wizard: bonus damage ❄️Ice 0.5
wizard: bonus tohit ❄️Ice 0.5
❄️Cryomancy max 1
❄️Ice Proficiency cast ❄️Ice Shard 100x 1 ❄️Ice 3
Research 250
wizard: bonus damage ❄️Ice 1.5
wizard: bonus tohit ❄️Ice 1.5
❄️Cryomancy max 1
❄️Ice Mastery cast ❄️Ice Shard 1000x 1 ❄️Ice 10
frost 40 (You need to have less than 40 frost)
Research 250
Skill Points 2
arcana 5
wizard: bonus damage ❄️Ice 3
wizard: bonus tohit ❄️Ice 3
❄️Cryomancy max 4
❄️Hearth: ❄️Frost effect -100%
Hp regen -200%
❄️Dew Of Icy Fire potsource
Potions 7
Pyromancy + ❄️Cryomancy >= 15
One of: ❄️Nixifer's Study
1 ❄️Snowdrop 2
❄️Ice 5
Fire 10
Fire Gems 1
Water Gems 1
❄️Cryomancy: ❄️Frost -0.3/s
❄️Hearth: ❄️Frost -1/s
❄️Snomunculus: ❄️Frost -0.8/s
❄️Ice Shard
❄️Improve Ice Shard
❄️Ice Proficiency
❄️Ice Mastery
❄️Winter Fog
Legend Tells event 1 Gems 10
Gold 200
Virtue 20
Fire 0.5/s
Lumenology max 1
Light 0.2/s
❄️Frost -1/s
❄️Winter Fog
❄️Winter Fog
Legend Tells event 1 Bodies 5
Skulls 2
Evil 20
❄️Ice 0.5/s
❄️Cryomancy max 2
Shadow 0.2/s
❄️Winter Fog
❄️Preparation ❄️Winter Fog

❄️Winter Fog
1 Blood Gems 5
Water Gems 15
Gems 25
Gold 500
❄️Livingsnow 15
Research 1500
Hall prestige 1
The Path Opens event
❄️Workforce Snow Double event 1 Gold 1 Stamina -0.6/s
Actions +1
❄️Donate Copy
❄️Cold Calculation
❄️Donate Copy Snow Double event 1 Gold 1 Gold 0.5/s
Hall Prestige 14
❄️Cold Calculation
❄️Cold Calculation Snow Double event 1 Gold 1 Action speed +20%
Skill train rate +20%
❄️Donate Copy



Requires Encounters Distance Level Resource Rewards Skill Exp Skill Max Other Unlocks
❄️Winter Village ❄️Emblem Of Ice 1 50 9 2 ❄️Livingsnow
❄️Essence Of Winter
Wind Lore
World Lore
Wind Lore
World Lore
❄️Frost -/s
Candle max
Legend Tells event
❄️Ice Lake ❄️Emblem Of Ice 1 50 11 3 Herbs
Blood Gems
Fire Gems
Water Gems
❄️Essence Of Winter
Water Lore
❄️Fazbit's Workshop? Fazbit's Workshop cleared
Tier 3
100 11 3 Gems
❄️Fazbit's Knowledge
❄️Essence Of Winter
World Lore
❄️Fazbit's Knowledge 200
❄️Tower Of Nixifer ❄️Winter Lore 4
Tier 3
50 11 3 Gems
❄️Essence Of Winter
❄️Cryomancy ❄️Cryomancy A Cold Legend event
❄️Tree Of Rites ❄️Preparation 30 20 5 ❄️Cryomancy Snow Double event



Requires Encounters Distance Level Encounters Notes
❄️Thandhrune Cavern Pyromancy 5 50 11 3 ❄️Avalanche
Frixie x3
❄️Frost Elemental x3
Ice Elemental x2
❄️Ice Troll
❄️Icy Winds
❄️Emblem Of Ice
Winter's Heart title
❄️Chilled Forge A Cold Legend event
❄️Winter Lore 7
100 49 8 ❄️Blizzard Guardian
❄️Icy Winds x2 & ❄️Blizzard Guardian
❄️Frost Elemental x2 & Ice Elemental
❄️Frost Elemental
❄️Ice Troll
Frixie x3 & Elf x2
Ice Elemental
Elf x2 & Frixie
Ice Walker x4
Frost Giant
Orb of Winters unique


name kind weight price modifiier damage modifier tohit modifier bonus level modifier
crimsonice ice 20 10 3 5
coldsteel metal 30 9 7 5
permafrost ice 80 11 10 7


name attack kind toHit attack dot dot duration effects when equipped level cost
Orb of Winters water 5 5~12 5~12
speed -5
20s ❄️Ice regen +20%
❄️Ice max +20%
❄️Cryomancy 2/s
Water regen +20%
Water max +20%
Water Lore 2/s
Fire regen -80% (/!\ percentage added to ❄️Frost effect!)
Fire max -80% (/!\ percentage added to ❄️Frost effect!)
10 1000