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This page is designed to contain help on wiki markup for common tasks on this wiki, and some notes about style.


For discussion: suggest using Initial Caps on all pages that refer to in-game items e.g. "Magic Beasts", "Iron Chest", but also setup redirect pages for other common cases (e.g. Magic beasts, Iron chest). Note that if pages are renamed, wiki will set up redirects automatically (see #Redirects).


Important items will probably get their own page, but some things e.g. Encounters are stored in a table and there is unlikely to be a page for each one, so the table has been created with anchors on each line, so links can be made directly to a particular line in the table, e.g. in the Encounters table, Hidden Cache is defined:

| <span id="Hidden Cache">Hidden Cache</span> || befuddlement -1~2, naturelore.exp 1, rage 1~2, weary 0~2 || codices 0~4, gems 2~5, gold 0~50, scrolls 2~5

and so it can be linked to as [[Encounters#Hidden Cache|Hidden Cache]]: Hidden Cache.


To redirect one page to another, e.g. "Iron chest" -> "Iron Chest" or "Home" -> "Homes", create a redirect page with just the following text:

#REDIRECT [[Name of page to redirect to]]

Note that wiki will automatically redirect pages that differ only in the case of the first letter, so magic Beasts will redirect to Magic Beasts, but magic beasts or MAgic Beasts won't.

If you rename a page using the "More v" dropdown to the left of the Search bar, wiki will set up a redirect automatically. This may be helpful when fixing capitalization.


For a consistent style of tables, use:

{| class="wikitable"
! header column 1 !! header column 2 !! header column 3
| data column 1 || data column 2 || data column 3

To make a sortable table, change the first line to:

{| class="wikitable sortable"

Columns will be sorted as text strings by default. If they contain numbers, mark the column as "number" in the header, e.g.

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Name !! data-sort-type="number"|Size !! Cost !! Requires !! Effect