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Data for version 0.8.0 is found at:

Data for version 0.10.4 is found at:

Need a page for prestige. Need to update the defense and dodging pages.

  • Classes: Classpecific unlocks are missing. Individual class pages are outdated.
  • Resources: Basic, Misc, Gems, Research and Energy
  • Skills: Automated
  • Guide: Done
  • Upgrades: mounts and all other
  • Adventure: Dungeons automated and locale done but not up to date
  • Furniture: Automated
  • Event: making a explanation of the event (basically a short guide)
  • Enchantments: Done
  • Spells: Automated
  • Potions: Automated
  • Equips: Done
  • Monsters: Automated

File list

File Content Covered in Automated?
actions.json action buttons on main tab, e.g. Scribe Scroll actions
armors.json armor types equips
classes.json character tiers classes
dungeons.json dungeons (combat) dungeons Automated
enchants.json weapon/armor enchants enchanting
encounters.json equivalent of monsters for non-combat locations (locales) encounters
equip.json unused
events.json events which notify the player of something e.g. becoming good/evil, reaching a new tier not needed?
furniture.json items for the home furniture Automated
geomancer.json unused (merged)
hall.json events, upgrades and stats for the wizard hall
homes.json places to live homes
items.json unused
locales.json adventure locations: non-combat locales
materials.json what armor and weapons can be made of equips
modules.json list of all used files, except for hall.json
  • patrons.json
  • winter.json
current modules (patrons, winter)
  • features from patrons
  • seasonal winter module
monsters.json monsters monsters Automated
patrons.json unused
player.json player attributes player
potions.json potions potions(item) Automated
professions.json unused
rare items
reagents.json unused
resources.json things that appear in the left pane, e.g. gold, gems, tomers; also manas resources Partially Automated
seasonal.json data for Halloween (includes data which can get merged with any other file) - will expire? Halloween 2019
sections.json "tabs" on the main menu, e.g. skills, spells, adventure etc. useful categories?, but covered by other pages?
skills.json skills skills Automated
spells.json spells spells Automated
states.json unused
stressors.json stress that can be received in encounters
upgrades.json one-off upgrades upgrades
weapons.json weapons equips
winter.json unused