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About the game

The game can be found there for a less buggy experience.

This game is about wiznerds, magic, quests, advancement in the society and a lot of time waiting for bars or resources. However, there is also a lot of confusion which I am gonna try to fix with this guide.

If there is anything that you wonder about even after reading this guide then ask on discord in the #apprenticeship chat. This guide is partitioned into parts based on your title.

Some essentials

  • Holding enter after activating an action makes it activate at a rate of twenty times per second on most computers. Only works on the white actions that are instant.
  • The quickslots can be used on everything from spells to actions. Don't hesitate to use them! Hover over the activation button (or name) and press shift+number you want it on. Enchanting have issues with quickslot.
  • Most buffs stack, with the exception of mana and stamina (fount) ones.
  • For info on the Different Tabs check link.



So you start the game by producing gold and buying the various upgrades that pops up. For now, buy the 2 Pouches and 2 Purses. You must also buy the 10 Scrolls you have space for. No need to be stingy, you will need them later (and a whole lot more). When you get to 10 Scrolls, an upgrade called Satchel appears. This upgrade increases your Scroll limit to 25. Now max them!

After being done with the first, and arguably one of the shorter grinds in the game, you're now ready for apprenticeship! This is irreversible, as are many things in this game, but right now you have no other path.


At this point, there's a new tab called Skills that opened. One thing to note about skills is that most cost Skill Points, so think over what you really want and choose that first. some might even lead to other skills... At this point though there's only one skill, called Lore. Press "Unlock", and then "Train". While that's in motion, move to the new Home tab.

In the upper left corner, there is a button called "Switch". This lets you switch residence. After that choose "Alcove". You should now have 5 floor space. There are some items worth noting:

  • Birdcage: Unlocks Animal Handling
  • Magic Circle: Is good, and a source of arcana if needed, but needs a lot of resources that can be better spent
  • Potted Milkweed: Unlocks herbalism
  • Scroll Rack: Increases the amount of scrolls (which is better than all other furniture)
  • Small Chest: A must have! Increases money cap, and can therefore get enough for other furniture.
  • Workbench: Unlocks crafting

My recommendation is to get Small Chest (to increase cap) and the Scroll Rack. By buying a small chest you will unlock a bigger chest,If you want to change the chest remember to buy the new one first, and then only remove the old one: if your gold cap get lower than your actual gold, you will lost some gold!

Then get Workbench, since Crafting is a "free" skill.(no Skill Point required)

The options are revealed by certain furnitures and skills as shown under:

Your Lore skill should be maxed for now, so try to get Languages and/or Crafting up to 5 also.

Note: Skill level 5 is the base for all skills maximum. This can be further increased by other means (Furniture or Upgrades)

Then you can choose between the three paths: Scribe, Falconer and Herbalist. None of these block or open any special path further in the game. Still, they may make some paths more difficult and other(s) easier, so just take the one that fits your preference.

After you have levelled the skill of your choosing, select the class of your choice.


Right, here players are probably specializing in different directions so the guide isn't going to be as specific as in the previous two.

But what everyone needs is Spells. Once your crafting reaches level 2 there is a new button called Bind Codex. It requires 10 Scrolls each time it is used, so remember all the scrolls you gathered? Here's where you need them. You also need a lot of scrolls later, so keep making them. Anyway with these fancy Codices you can do several things, Bind Spellbook and Bestiary (not as useful a feature, but should be unlocked). There is also another button called Sublimate Lore, Only use it if you're confident you know what you're doing. You probably can't afford it now, but just so you know.

There is also some new Furniture that is pretty neat:

  • Brass Candelabra: needs 200 gold so it's kinda expensive. But it increases the amount of wax candles you can have! After buying the candles you can sell this again.
  • Iron Chest: if Small Chest isn't enough. It's also better than two Small Chests.
  • Bookshelf: to get more scrolls and codices. Still good to stack up on.
  • Bookcase: Needs bookshelf, gives even more max scrolls/codices and a tome (really useful later in the game, but kinda expensive now).
  • Creeping Vine: a money machine, needs herbalism 4. You can have max 5 and they produce 0.2/s each, so max 1/s which through sell herbs is 2 gold/s without doing anything.

The other Furniture (other than those in Apprentice) is not that useful at this point.

When you have enough resources and feel done at this stage, then use the Neophyte upgrade. There are no other paths at this point so don't bother looking.


Well, just keep doing what you're doing and you're fine. But there are some changes: A new home called Attic Bedroom, it gives 10 Floor Space, twice as much as the closet under the stairs.

Look at the earlier lists for useful furnishings, but some Skills give access to other more useful ones. Some useful ones are:

Remember that all of these skills still require Skill Points so be wary of what you really want.

Some Furniture also unlocks Upgrades, just mess around with it if you're interested. After you're done with setting up Furniture and Skills, then you have to make an important choice.

You have two upgrades called End Apprenticeship and Slay Master. End apprenticeship doesn't affect good/evil, while Slay Master makes you Evil (permanently). While you can change from Good to Evil at any time, once you are Evil, it is permanent. It is advised to end apprenticeship, as there are some upgrades you can only get while good that you will keep when you change to evil. When your choice is made, then choose it and be on your way. There is also two secret upgrades, check Classes page for them.

The guide won't cover the next part because it's just too massive, but I will leave you some tips.


The tips are:
Try to keep your Codices and Scrolls at max, they are Research income
Get Air 1 and Spirit 1 for Unseen Scribe and Ghost Compiler (produces Scrolls/Codices respectively)
Water Lore for lack of stamina, two spells ([minor] fount) there that gives Stamina/s
There is also a major surprise when you reach Tier 3 so aim for that, and get the furniture Clepsydra when there
When you get Prestidigitation, use it at least 26 times. You will unlock Trickery, and you don't keep Prestidigitation forever. Takes 8min and 50sec to unlock

Some build paths can be found here

Tab Overview

I won't go over the Home, Skills and Player tabs. At least not yet feel free to add them and any new ones.


First of all you need a Mount. It be acquired through Animal Handling. There also some others, but won't spoil too much (there are also many so won't take them here).

Now that you have unlocked some Dungeons, then we can take a look at it. When entering almost any Dungeon in the start you might begin to notice that your wizard is getting destroyed. Each level gives one Stamina, Health, and every three levels gives you a Skill Points. Use them to expand your arsenal of Spells, or just learn wizardry things... Your choice. The dungeons are the main source of exp for wizards. So use them to unlock features or Spells.


This tab will present you every spell that you can unlock, have unlocked, or memorized. You can search spells by text (in the Find area), by level or by type. When you unlock a new spell you can:

  • Learn it: It allows you to cast your spell manually, and to save it in the hotbar.
  • Cast it: Activate the spell, spending the cost and activating its effect. If it's an attack spell, then it will be cast in the actual Adventures if one is running. If it's a support spell, you will get the bonus wether you are in Adventures or not.
  • Memorize it: it will allow your sorcerer to automatically launch the skill in any Adventures. This button disappear if your max memorization level is not high enough to remember this spell.

You can see, and remove your memorized spell by pressing the "Memorized" button on top after the spells type checkbox. The max memorisation level is mainly linked with your Lore level, and any Spells cost you as much as its level to be remembered. memorized spell will be periodically be cast by your wizard depending on your Speed attribute.

By putting your mouse on a spell name you will see

  • Its purchase cost if you didn't learn it yet
  • Its cost when its used
  • Its effects, and Dot (Damage Over Time, more like "Effect Over Time" in this game) if there is one.


This tab is separated in two parts: The top part list your current equipment Every slots are limited to 1 item with some exceptions:

  • You can have one two-handed weapon, or two one-handed weapons (pretty sure dualwielding still doesn't have any benefit)
  • Limit of 3 necklaces
  • A max of 4 rings (yeah, you have 10 fingers but it's not so comfy to use a wand or a sword with 20 rings.)

The bottom part is your inventory. You can search in your inventory by writing in the "Find" area. On the right you can see your currently used and total space in your inventory. This is directly linked with your Furnitures in your home. Be wary that 3 identical silk loops will take 3 slots, but 20 identical potions will only take 1 slot. When you equip from your inventory, it will automaticaly replace the oldest idem in the corresponding slot, if one is already used.


This tab is where your underlings stay, waiting to be used. They are used in Adventures, and there's a limit to what you can bring into battle with you. Used is based on the number of Minions, while Allies power is based on the level of your active Minions. The Minions you select "Activate" on will then join you on the battlefield. After you have learned the appropriate spell, it is possible to resurrect low level Minions in this tab. If it is only hurt Rest to let it regenerate. To be able to dismiss a minion, get it killed in combat beforehand.


First of all it is unlocked by Animal Handling 3 and by creating a Compile Bestiary action. To unlock new beasts for purchase, you have to defeat them 10 times (this doesn't work for unique monsters). When they are unlocked you can purchase them and they will show up in the Minion Tab. If you don't have a Minion Tab yet, it will unlock the first time you do this. If you can't purchase a beast, but have the required kills and gold, you probably maxed out your minion limit. Check the Minion Tab.


To get things started, you need a Cauldron to brew potions. Buy a Fireplace and the upgrade for it will unlock. Of course, you also need the Potions skill. Potions are consumable, and have one time instant effects, like recovering Life, Manas or Stamina. You can check Potions for more info about the various potions, their effects, and how to unlock them.


First of all, buy an Enchanting Table, then check that you actually have Equips (not equipped!). When you are done with that, then you need some enchanted Gems and enough Mana. Don't forget to purchase some Enchants.

The enchants are also connected to specific slots:

You can enchant a number of effects on a item equal to its level, and the item must be at least the level of the sum of the enchant used.