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The defense mechanism has been modified around build 1640 and the following information isn't up to date for the most recent version of the game.

Whenever an attack occur, the attacker's ToHit is compared to the defender's dodge and the defender's defense. Once a blow does hit, ToHit, dodge and defense don't impact the amount of damage dealt or received. Characters and monsters have symmetrical mechanics so this page covers both blows dealt and received.

Dodge mechanics

Dodge system is linked with the Tohit value of the attacker, and the Dodge value of the target. The formula is:

The graph show the chance to hit with x=tohit-dodge:
Dodge chance.png

Defense mechanics

The parry system is linked with the Tohit value of the attacker, and the Defense of the target. The formula is:

Parry formula.gif

This mean that:

  • At 0 , one Tohit/Defense have a 1:10 value
  • At 10 , one Tohit/Defense have a 1:2 value
  • At 50 , one Tohit/Defense have a 50 a 1:1,2 value.
  • after 100, one Tohit/Defense point have nearly a 1:1 value: each point offer as much hit/parry change than the opposite.

The graph below shows the chance to hit as a function of ToHit and Defense. Chancetohit.png