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This is a page about the chage of the game.

Version History

Current Version

The current version is 0.8.0 from insert date<ref name="current" />
Page under constrution.<ref name="help" />

All Versions

Known Bugs

Saves after a certain drop in 🌳Lillit's Spring break.<ref name="help" />
Exports (get save) may not work (Kong/lem website/lem unstable) All X.max per second tasks are not working (Kong/lem website/lem unstable;atleast in Firefox under Linux<ref name="compat" />)


<references> <ref name="current"> Look up the release date of this version. Citation. Help needed!</ref> <ref name="help"> Help needed.</ref> <ref name="compat"> Other OS/Browser combinations status currently unknown. </ref> </references>