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This is a page about the changes of the game.

Recommended Versions

Play at as its more reliable bugwise.

Know Versions pseudo stable 0.8.1 (Fork?)
Lem's website 0.8.0 stable (Master version)
Kongregate 0.8.0 stable
Lem's Gibhub 0.8.0 unstable

Version History

Current Version

The current version is 0.8.0 from insert date<ref name="current" />
Page under constrution.<ref name="help" />

All Versions

Known Bugs

Saves after a certain drop in 🌳Lillit's Spring break.<ref name="help" />
Exports (get save) may not work (Kong/lem website/lem unstable)
All X.max per second tasks are not working (Kong/lem website/lem unstable;atleast in Firefox under Linux<ref name="compat" />)

Bugs 9.8.1

Shop and Inn requre Tier 1 instead of Tier 0.


<references> <ref name="current"> Look up the release date of this version. Citation. Help needed!</ref> <ref name="help"> Help needed.</ref> <ref name="compat"> Other OS/Browser combinations status currently unknown. </ref> </references>