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Adding a build path

First a description of what it accomplish, then some general guidelines such as tips and classpath. Tips can include which skills should be picked up and what to avoid if anything.

Under is a General buildpath which can be used as a template


Write about it. Like this path gives epic defense and a lot of space or titles.

Classpath: kill master or not => tier1 => tier2 => tier3 = tier4 => tier5 => tier6

  • Feel free to better the template and introduction


  • Some points on what to remember.
  • Getting spiritlore for extra skillpoints
  • getting airlore and spiritlore for auto creation of scrolls/codices.


Great defense and massive space in the home earthen spire. Isn't evil so doesn't lock geas for prestige gain.

Classpath: not kill master=> Elementalist(easier earthlore)/Witchcraft(for unlocks) => Geomancer => Earthshaker(defence)/Wizard(spellcrafting) => Dhrunic Wizard => Titan


Pretty much standard