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can someone please add a guide its not working for me saying error maybe its just me or its the script sighed war


After playing the game for a while, you will probably realise that there are some tasks that you are repeating over and over. There is a Greasemoney/Tampermonkey script available to automate several common tasks, however it's highly recommended to play the game "as is" first, to get a feel for how things work.

The automation script can:

  • make/purchase scrolls, codices, gems when gold/research is full
  • sell herbs when full
  • regularly cast spell buffs which have been learnt
  • add an option on the quickbar slots to specify a time - buttons will be clicked every time interval
  • add a filter function and additional sell buttons for equipment while adventuring
  • actively click focus while learning a skill
  • automatically re-enter dungeons

No responsibility is taken for any loss of enjoyment while using the script, and in order to avoid loss of fun it is recommended that you unlock the Wizard's Hall before using the script.

aardvark's master script
Harrygiel's fork

Convenience features

If you wish to have an enhanced user interface, a script has been created with that goal in mind. It adds colouring, screen adjustment, display of relevant information and more. The script and its description and can be found here: Arcanum Enhancements