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The Apprenticeship Tier

The first tier of the game, the Apprenticeship tier extends from the moment you switch from being a lowly Stable Hand into being an apprentice under a wizardly mentor.

The Apprenticeship tier is essentially a tutorial introducing the concepts of Arcanum: Theory of Magic, introducing concepts such as qualifying for and progressing through classes, moving into your first home, buying and replacing furniture, basic actions and activities, learning new skills, unlocking new resources, and finally binding your own spellbook and unlocking your first Spells. There is even a "secret" class, the Scribe, which is not automatically unlocked at the beginning and must be revealed by fulfilling certain conditions.

While there are theoretically several "classes" in the Apprenticeship period, most of these are simple upgrades with no choice, just denoting your character's progress towards independence.

As befitting a tutorial, there are few decisions with any permanent impacts through the Apprenticeship period, no unique benefits to unlock, and nothing missable except the mutually exclusive class bonuses, save for the final choice.

Tier Bonuses

Unlike other tiers, this is divided between several events and upgrades as you progress through the tier and finally end your apprenticeship to become a Solitary Mage working towards Tier 1.


Unlike the tiers after this one, choosing a class is not the end of the tier, only when the player has purchased Apprentice, Neophyte, and chosen to end their apprenticeship one way or another will the tier end and the main game begin.

Ending the Tier

When the player is ready to move on, they must make their first major decision:

  • End Apprenticeship - The Neutral, expensive, option. Pay gold to end apprenticeship.
  • Slay Master - The Evil, cheap option. Being an ungrateful git instantly propels you to maximum evil, locking you out of Virtue bonuses and unlocking Evil bonuses instantly.